Quoi de neuf?

Today has been a great day.  It is brilliantly sunny, hot as ever, and the sky is deep blue; everyone is outside.  Walking from the archives to the internet cafe this afternoon, I saw swarms of European and American tourists, occasional woman with grocery bags returning home from one of the many bustling markets in Aix, old men playing games in the park, families with babies picnicing, and a young couple practicing driving a new motorbike.  I saw people walking dogs, rollarskating, searching desperately for shade; the town was completely alive.

And it felt great!  After a rocky start to the week, I found success at the archives, having grown comfortable with the system and friendly with the people who work there, and peace at the hostel (since everybody, eventually, departs).  I stop at a market near the hostel to buy peaches and apples, bread in town, and have my lunch when I get hungry.  The other night I spread out on the expansive lawn in front of the Vasarely Foundation and ate an entire boule blanche and all of the fromage chevre I bought earlier, staring out between bites at the mountains to the south and the darkening sky.  I breakfast with Mont St. Victoire, Cézanne’s frequent subject, and fall asleep in the sweet Provençal breeze.

And so, life is good.


2 thoughts on “Quoi de neuf?

  1. Pleased to hear things are happier for you! We got postcard #1, you are missing an enjoyable bout of heat and humidity. Makes you homesick, eh? Be good, much love, Dad.

  2. Claudia, you write so beautifully, and you bring France alive for us poor peons still here. Not that Baltimore is so bad; I have friends who lend me their pool for laps and Pop-Pop takes Bear for walks in the park every afternoon. We are dining on gazpacho and local tomatoes and corn now.

    Calvert School gave you and Alex a great start. There was an article in the paper about a 9 year old Calvert student who set up a lemonade stand to raise money to support the Police Mounted Patrol in the city. She plans to raise $200 (they need a lot to keep the “mounties” going). The Sun was so impressed by her letter that she sent to the paper to promote her project that they published 5 lines of her perfect cursive writing. Lots of love from Pop-Pop and me.

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