brief update

all is going well: I am cramming all the work I can into my last few days at ANOM, Aix is still beautiful, I am getting very excited about my vacation in Nice–because it is SO HOT AND SUNNY.

here are some photos of the out-and-about so far :: enjoy, keep cool, let’s hope we don’t melt like wax in this heat.


2 thoughts on “brief update

  1. Yep, most of two arms and teeth visible — very nice pictures! Hope your vacation is Nice, too! Chacos here tomorrow, gone tomorrow night.
    Love ya,

  2. Claudia, you are having the adventure of a lifetime and you write so well. What marvelous descriptions! You were correct to tell Maman and Papa that you are Episcopalian, albeit a non-practicing one; that is ok. You were christened at The Church of the Good Shepherd in Ruxton on Easter Eve when you were a baby and we had a reception here afterwards. There is a marvelous picture somewhere of you sitting on Farmor’s lap and screaming your head off. Nobody will tell me if Alex was ever baptized. Gramps said she was christened with you, which is not possible, as she was not born yet.

    Calvin is now 3 months old and weighs 15 pounds! He is really cute but still has colic but that will abate, we hope. Unfortunately he hates to ride in the car and cried all the way to Rhode Island last month so we will not see them here for Thanksgiving.

    Chris, Elizabeth, Denise, Moose, your Mom and Sotirios (brave man) are coming for dinner tomorrow. Pop-Pop will grill salmon, no heads, on the deck. We will have the last of the summer corn and tomatoes and the first apple crisp of the fall. WISH you were here. I will see Alex for lunch on Oct. 7 when I am in New York.

    Be careful, dear girl We love you.


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