back in Ft. Dauphin

No classes yesterday morning, so Ben and I walked along the beach hoping to find a place to learn to surf because we’ve seen so many surfers from Freedom and figure we ought to be out there too. Unfortunately, because of the economic situation, it appears that places that used to rent surfboard &c have stopped–there aren’t really any tourists here anymore, and one lady even explained that the guy who used to handle rentals just up and left one day, they don’t know when (or if) he’s coming back. So no go yet–but we did walk nearly to the new port, and decided to climb this giant sand dune so that we could run down it. And we did. And it was great. And then we did it again.

On the way to Libanona after lunch, we got stuck in a downpour, and I lost my shoes three times en route (one shoe floated down a river in the road until Ben caught it, and I lost both shoes in mud)–by the time we arrived, we were drenched and I couldn’t stop laughing.

That’s pretty much all that’s happened this week. We’re getting ready to leave tomorrow (Thursday) for Tulear, for a marine studies unit, after which we’ll hit the road and work our way toward Tana (should get there by the end of the month).

Oh, did discover in the middle of the night just after I got back from the village stay that one of the dogs in my house had given birth–no one new she was pregnant, and apparently no one was around when she had her puppies. Papa and I were equally surprised to find two rat-sized pups in the bathroom that night. Sure made for some interesting breakfast conversation.


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