photos! photos!

look back through old posts to find new and interesting photos, newly added to give dynamism to my scrawlings!  how exciting, how intriguing!

in other news, we are in Tana still, finishing our Environmental Issues assignments and preparing to leave for the ISP; some kids leave as early as tomorrow afternoon–i won’t leave until next thursday (spending some time here in the archives).  i’ll head east by taxi-brousse to a réserve naturale integrée just north of Tamatave for 4-5 days, then fly to Ft. Dauphin and taxi-brousse it to Faux-Cap to work in Analafaly for another few days (going to find out more about their sacred forest;  i was so intrigued during the village stay), then at the end of November head back to Ft. Dauphin and bunker down in Hotel Mahavoky to hammer out my Independent Study Project.  happy halloween, happy thanksgiving, see you in a month.

"Studying" in Antananarivo


4 thoughts on “photos! photos!

  1. Honey, we are worried about you. Is the medicine helping? Do you have nets to keep the mosquitoes away at night? Love, Bobbie

    Claudia, be sure to be faithful to the malaria medication schedule – that can be a nasty problem if it becomes chronic. Did they do a blood exam or just make the Dx on clinical grounds? — Love, Rik

  2. CLAUDIA i just updated myself on your blog. i am so jealous. i had no idea you got sick, but i’m so glad you’re doing better.

    the pictures are amazing.

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