Research, shmeeshmerch

Kate left Thursday morning, so sad, and I have spent the past two days rotting in the library, hunched in front of a computer, or curled up in my room buried in books and articles (or, at night, huddled under the three-pronged mosquito net, hoping I don’t get malaria again).

Good news is: I am excited about my project, so this is not so painful as it might seem. I feel like I am sticking it to the bastard French colonial government with every sound argument I come up with; every piece of supporting evidence is a blow to the oppressors! Here’s to the trees, here’s to the rural Malagasy! It makes all the tedious work interesting and meaningful to me, which is really necessary because alone in Tana there is nothing to do but work.

…because I’ve already read all the novels I have with me, and listened to all the music I have six times over, and you can only stare out the window so long, and I am too hungry to just sit around bored.

That’s when my mind wanders, and I get restless, and I start thinking about what I’m doing next; that’s when I start planning a trip to Scandanavia, where it is cold, and the mosquitos are all dead, and I can easily disappear in a crowd.


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