Thanks, Mamy

Antananarivo, I will remember you for your expensive taxis, purple trees, and busy streets; I will recall how I always had malaria when I got to Tana and how much time I spent in Hotel Raphia alone. I’ll think back fondly to fasting and feasting, to discovering hotelys and getting sick from rich Korean food–and how marvelous my dinner at Mamy’s house was.

Mamy is the logistics coordinator of the Ft. Dauphin program, and I would argue that it wouldn’t function without him. When he heard I was staying in Tana for another week, he invited me to his home for dinner. I visited last night, to help him fix his iPod (unfortunately I was useless) and teach him how to use iTunes. Mamy’s wife made a mean misao, salad (!!!), and rice and veggies, and Mamy brought out the Fianarantsoa wine (which is really syrupy sweet). They gave me “bananas secs” to take home with me, and invited me back anytime, breakfast lunch or dinner (or even just to use their kitchen). I am in love with Mamy’s whole family.

So, thanks to Mamy and his wife, I am fully fed, energized, happy, and ready to tackle the weekend. On tap: research, lunch, nap, research, walking around, dinner, and sleep. Good start so far, getting distracted and writing this instead.


3 thoughts on “Thanks, Mamy

  1. We are worried that you have been so sick but glad that you seem to be recovering. Stay well! We love you and can’t wait to see you in Jan. Your cousin Calvin is coming down after Christmas. XO

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