preparing for departure

I spent yesterday re-reading everything I’ve written this semester, both here and on paper, and thinking about these past four months, and getting ready to get on a plane tomorrow and leave, perhaps forever.

My last few days in this beautiful country consisted of small and quotidien adventures: ordering at hotelys, short conversations in Malagasy (finally…), not getting hit by cars, passing time alone; doing all my laundry without distroying my knuckles, finding food on Sundays, filtering water, staring out the window…

But I’m there again, I’m back in my comfort zone: independent, only a skeleton of a schedule–things to do, places to see. And I’m happy to love this country and to miss it when I leave. I feel like I’ve come to some sort of understanding with Madagascar–it hit me today after a really Malagasy morning composed of completely ordinary moments that I am really comfortable here. I don’t know if it’s the few days of being alone that’s made me recognize it–whether this comfort had been here for a while and just existed under the radar, or whether it is a new phenomenon–but it’s wonderful. It makes leaving both harder and easier. Harder because I feel like I’m just getting used to living here, really used to it. Easier because I know that I’ve had a wonderful experience and learned important things and will leave the island having lived there. I met new people, ate new foods, did new things. I feel good, feel like I’ve really thrown myself (however haphazardly) into this time.

What a semester. What a country.


2 thoughts on “preparing for departure

  1. Thank you for taking the time and effort and sharing your journey with all of us. It has been a joy to hear your honest words of wonder, sickness and health, sadness and glee. Take these experiences with you! And don’t forget to dance for all you have done and seen, all the people you have met and known, in Madagascar. Tres jolie!

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