off with a bang

i celebrated the new year on the frozen shores of sweden. full moon, fireworks. it was a brilliant and clear night, far beyond freezing. when the smoke covered the stars, we sent out new ones–i could hardly distinguish between the small blue stars and the floating orange lanterns that drifted so distant into the sky.

fireworks all around, everywhere like a raid. above my head, across the shore, next door and down the road–there was no grand finale, no big bang, only a waxing and waning that started when the sun went down around 4pm and continued far past the new year. magnificent fireworks, impressive fireworks, set off by everyone: swarms of kids, hoards from parties, old men, everyone. i still see one now and again from the window.

so welcome, 2010!

i’m heading south tomorrow, toward warmer climate and different coasts. taking another bus back to paris, then eventually hopping on a train back down to aix-en-provence, where rest assured i’ll be working hard for two weeks, my last opportunity to collect useful information in the archives. i’ll be back in the good ole you-esse-o’aye in two weeks. i’m finishing the mirrored end of this funny journey.


One thought on “off with a bang

  1. Dad has two tears in his eyes — one for the road you have taken, and one for the road that leads you back… May the archives have the books you need, uncontamminated by mushrooms; may your work be swift and powerful; may the pastries be sweet, and the cheeses sour. May your bread be crusty and wonderful, the people you meet interesting. May mosquitoes die the death they deserve..

    2 weeks — we are ALL waiting!!!


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