round 2

Well I finished a week of cold and rainy days at the archives, spent the weekend walking around blustery Marseille, and am gearing up for my last few days researching in France. I’m terribly excited. Passed most of yesterday reading books in Marseille’s library, and today I spent the whole afternoon on a quest for delicious cheap food and found a winner street not far from the old port. And I’m stuffed, and I’m tired, and I’m gonna get up early tomorrow to commute to Aix. Feeling good. I’ve met three kids from Baltimore at this hostel in Marseille, what a small world. We talked about how great the city is and how happy we will be to return to it. Just two more researching days and two days in old Paris; I’m pushing for time to go faster, I want to get home so bad I can feel it in my fingertips, but I’m happy and fed and enjoying these days here as well as I can with the finish line so close. Cuz this is fun but man I want to do laundry and take a bath–


2 thoughts on “round 2

  1. Hey Claud-
    If you are interested – my friend Bruno is giving me his father’s information. I will send you an email…..
    Safe travels homeward.
    Aunt Rennie

  2. Not that I’m counting or anything, but 56 hours to touchdown at JFK!!
    Congratulations on a long, hard job well done. Veggie organic chili & cornbread will be piping hot & waiting for you Sunday in Parkville — we’ll need to think about something to talk about, eh?!? Safe, happy and comfortable travels home.
    Much love, much pride from a
    Proud Pappy

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