Home on the farm/Interim

Golden Nectar Farm caretaking retreat:  Farm life is the good life.  We took care of a diverse two and a half acres, mostly fruits (kiwis, table grapes, persimmons, berries, feijoas, apples, citrus, dates, figs… mmm).  There’s a small community at the farm, but we mostly had the land to ourselves.  Delicious food, relaxing atmosphere, rewarding work–yes, the good life.

Driving east: Then we drove east.  We took the southern route and crossed the country in three days (Windsor to Flagstaff, to Oklahoma City, to Asheville) and then rode north through Baltimore to see my family.  Final stop: western Massachusetts.

Kripalu, getting healthy: I’m a volunteer at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health from January to the beginning of May.  My seva is working in the shop (hello, retail world!), and I avail myself of endless yoga in my spare time.  I’m living at a retreat center again, with sauna and buffet line.  Kripalu hosts a lot of the same programs as Omega and is a similar atmosphere; the main difference is that Kripalu is a bit more internally focused.

Feeling good about hiking again…  I read the biography of Peace Pilgrim.  She hiked the A.T. in preparation for her first cross country pilgrimage.  I miss living out of a backpack (living out of a car is different), moving only with my own two feet, walking in the woods…

Though in winter, I don’t mind a cozy bed…


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