Tucson to Arivaca

The drive yesterday was long long long–and we started on little sleep, having stayed up the night before to finish watching Batman. The rest of Texas was uneventful, save the highway through El Paso from which I could see Ciudad Juarez, too. We has flautas for dinner and made the decision to stay in Tucson that night and so our food shopping the next day before driving the final hour and a half south to Arivaca. We started seeing mountains on the horizon as we crossed in to the desert.

We celebrated crossing into New Mexico just as the sun was beginning to set. It was fully dark by the time we got to Arizona. We stayed at the Roadrunner hostel in Tucson; Pat had lived there a few years ago when working on an adobe construction project. We fell asleep quickly and slept soundly that night.

We woke early this morning and walked to a yoga class to stretch our bodies and speed the recovery from hours in the car. Then we ate a huge breakfast and did some food shopping at the Food Conspiracy Co-op, which I wish was closer to the homestead. There’s even an herb shop next door.

The sky is bright and clear, and the sun beats down hard. The temperature fluctuates wildly between light and shade. I’m already in a t-shirt and sandals.

We’re off the highway, finally… almost there…



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