Tearing Down Walls

We had a full day today, starting at 7am when we let the chickens and alpacas out.  After a hearty breakfast, we started breaking down the urbanite wall outside the building we worked on yesterday and moving the pieces of urbanite (broken up concrete) to the largest garden, where we would use them to rebuild another wall.  That was the days project: tearing down the upper terrace on the east side of the garden.

Pat and I, together with Kyle, pried the urbanite out of the original wall and stacked the above and below.  After that was completed, we got to shaping the angle of the wall so that it will sit a little more vertical.  This involved a pick axe and a heavy bar to loosen the soil, which could then be shoveled out of the way.  There was enough work to last three people nearly all day.

The finished wall will be stronger and higher, flattening out the terrace above so it can be used for garden space and water catchment.  We’ll start rebuilding tomorrow.

Retaining Wall



Rebuilding the Wall





One thought on “Tearing Down Walls

  1. Claudia and Pat,
    I miss you guys and am so happy to read about this journey. You guys are badasses. I am doing well, I decided I am taking Zev and Chuck’s Permaculture in Action course that they have named Seeds and Roots which is a 14 day (one weekend a month) journey from May-October. I am really excited about it and it just feels right. I also am most likely going to be working on a home reconstruction with my friend Jason for his family this spring to learn learn learn. All I want to do is learn and play! Mike is good and so is Madhu. We are thinking getting chickens but our landlord doesn’t know so I’m not sure!! We love you.

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