Lots of hard work today. Claudia and I dug a small trench at the base of the dirt wall and fit big pieces of urbanite in them to create the foundation of the terrace. Kyle laid horizontal urbanite layers on top. The final product is very beautiful.


We’re in the middle of a cold front, and this morning we discovered the alpaca’s water had frozen, leaving them thirsty and disgruntled. After wriggling past four grumpy alpacas in a loogie fight at their manger, Claudia confided in me that maybe we won’t have alpacas on our farm someday. This is fine with me. Alpacas are pretty sweet, but spit fights are disgusting.


After four full days of work we have some time off to rest and finish settling in. I suspect we will work on the wall for an afternoon or two, when Kyle gets home from his part time job. It’s supposed to warm up by Wednesday, and we are looking forward to warmer weather.



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