End of the Week

We woke up today feeling the effects of our hard work. After moving so many chunks of concrete and digging through hard earth all week, we were moving pretty slowly.

We have different approaches to work.  I am more of a slow-and-steady worker, whereas Pat likes to go all out.  As we have a big day off tomorrow, with a nice trip to Tucson planned, Pat’s motto has been, “Empty by Sunday.”  It’s hard for me to swallow, but we get along.  I like to think we have a positive effect on each other.

This morning, we cut off a few big branches that we couldn’t get to yesterday and broke down some of the branches to lay flat along the ground.  Next, we piled dirt on top of the branches.  This raises the ground level to a flat plane (terracing) with the benefit of creating a favorable environment for mycelium that transport nutrients underground.  It’s all part of Kyle’s grand plan.

Working in the hot sun today reminded me of sweet summertime.  I am so grateful for the opportunities and possibilities inherent in moving around seasonally and working in different environments.




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