Hard Times

Sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed. We had one of those days today, despite blue skies outside our window this morning.  We had a quick breakfast and went to see what we would be working on.  Another urbanite wall to build.

Construction projects have a choppy flow to them. Not really a flow at all. The most important thing is getting it right, and sometimes that means moving backwards. We got a lot done, but it was a frustrating process for the both of us today. We had to take breaks here and there to give our psyche and chance to level out.

We also stumbled upon a sad discovery mid-morning.  Zuma, the black alpaca, had miscarried.  Her two discarded fetuses lay in the pile of alpaca poop until we buried them in the wall.  We had all noticed her acting off today and yesterday, lying down a lot and not eating any lettuce, and I guess this was why.  Kyle said alpacas can’t really carry twins, that their bodies are designed for just one baby at a time.

There are some challenging moments out here, but it’s all okay.  At the end of the day the sun starts to set, and we look up to the sky. Puffy clouds sprinkle the sky. We’re in a shadow, but the mountains to the east are golden from the setting sun. It’s breath taking.



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