50,000 Kernels of Corn

After three weeks of hard work, we needed some time for our bodies to recuperate. We got the time.  Sometimes you should be careful what you wish for.

Kyle told us on Thursday that he had a new project he wanted us to work on. He’s been busy updating his website and he thinks he can sell some of his heritage Chapalote corn seeds through it. He wanted us to count out 100 kernels and package them in small envelopes. 500 times. Well, that’s how it turned out after we sorted out his different varieties. 100 packets of red dent  maize. 200 of Brown Chapalote. 200 of Chapalote, with 50 kernels from each of the two buckets we had separated just after we arrived here. Three days later, we’ve finally finished and are eager to drive off to Tucson and overcompensate for the simple-minded task with some serious over stimulation. Go Ravens!



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