Home Stretch

We’re in Monson, our last trail town, resting and gearing up for the Hundred Mile Wilderness, our last big push. We’re close to the end of our thru-hike.
Since our difficult first week in Maine, the trail has mellowed out somewhat. We covered the Mahoosucs, the –, the Bigelows. We hit Rangeley for a solid near-o and enjoyed the tremendous hospitality of trail angel Tom in Stratton. We are in good spirits. Our bodies are still sore, stiff, and tired, but we recognize that it’s to be expected after hiking 2,000 miles in the wilderness.
We saw Katahdin for the first time from Stratton, near Tom’s house. We might have seen it again from the Bigelows if it hadn’t been so hazy. I remember back to New Jersey when Pat and I were talking about starting to really look forward to Katahdin, to climbing that last mountain and being victorious. We’ll summit next week. It’s so close. We can almost taste it. 
Our stay in Monson has been good and helpful. We got to a doctor in Greenville to get Pat’s awful spider bite looked at. We have resupplied and consumed much ice cream and beer. We went kayaking in Lake Hebron this morning–the sun was shining, the wind was gentle, and we got to use our arm muscles instead of our legs. The huge bubble of hikers is coming into town today, so we are enjoying seeing familiar faces. The mood is celebratory.
Tomorrow we set out.

One thought on “Home Stretch

  1. You two are terrific. I have been following the trail through your eyes and have laughed and cried with you the whole way. Can’t wait to hear your finish. Take care and be safe. Thanks for your kind words when I left the trail. Your friend Trekker

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