5 thoughts on “Katahdin

  1. Congratulations. How beat up are you physically? You said you were both having ankle and knee problems. Any suggestions for future AT hikers?

    • We’re doing pretty well now, about a week since we summitted. Lots of rest helped our feet and ankles, and a lot more rest is surely in order to heal our knees fully.

      As for advice, we’re full of it, but it’s so much better to just go try out a bunch of stuff and see what works for you. Spider’s big tip is pack lightly; I would add to listen to your body and rest when you need to.

  2. Conratulations, your courage and tenacity is commendable. I know the struggle was far worse than your postings ever conveyed. I am really really glad to see you at the summit. Thanks for the close up of the sign. May God be with you on all your adventures.

    A very jealous fellow hiker.

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