It’s been almost three weeks since we descended from Baxter Peak. Spider and I have enjoyed a leisurely semi-return to muggle life. My dad met us in Millinocket to celebrate and gave us our car back. We drove to Bar Harbor, enjoyed a decadent two nights and three lobsters, then left the comfort of the jacuzzi tub and canopy bed for a road trip south. We visited friends and family all over New England and had many, many wonderful evenings catching up. Many thanks to Sarah and Andy, Casey and Adam, Karen/Mom, Jack/Dad, and Rennie and Dave for hosting and celebrating with us.

We swung by New York City to visit my sister and her girlfriend and see their beautiful new apartment and, coincidentally, got to resume sleeping on the floor. City life was a bit of a jolt to me–on the way to dinner with Spider’s grandpa, the subway traffic overwhelmed me. Luckily we had sake and sushi to ameliorate the hustle and bustle. Back in Baltimore, we snapped into real life, faced with the duel tasks of cleaning an abandoned home and moving our stuff out of it. Well, I guess we’ll get to that next week. Because two days ago we arrived at the beach, and we don’t ever want to leave!

A week ago, I dropped Spider off on the trail in VT to make up the 16 miles he missed when we were slackpacking. He completed it, and we celebrated in the parking lot with some of his favorite foods. His poor knees hurt pretty badly; I’m glad we get to rest now.

Physically, we are doing alright. Spider’s knees are still bothersome. My ankle is still sore and has limited range of motion, but we are slowly resuming moderate, mindful activity. I’m back at the yoga studio, and Spider is getting into body weight training–his appetite hasn’t slowed much. Mine is back to normal, though I still crave fresh foods intensely. I cringe at the thought of eating another bar or instant oatmeal.

I miss the trail. For the first two weeks, I wanted to hike, I wanted another long distance trek. I wanted the exhilarating sense of adventure that heading out into the woods brings about, and the satisfying feeling of doing a big day. I wanted to stop at ponds and go swimming, take long breaks on mountain peaks, challenge my body and my mind with tough miles. Sometime the desire to do it again was overwhelming. Usually, though, I’ve had a visit to look forward to, a task to accomplish, a delicious meal to eat. The past three weeks have been a sort of tactical diversion, a slow transition to our next adventure. We’ve begun the visa process for our upcoming trip to New Zealand. There are many, many things to look forward to.



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