Fenwick Island

We’ve spent nearly all of the past two weeks at my aunt and uncle’s house in Fenwick Island, DE, joined at various times by my mom, her boyfriend, her friends from Hampden, and my sister and her girlfriend.

It’s been wonderful. I so appreciate the time to rest and relax, to swim in the ocean and stretch out in the sunshine. Morning sun woke us early each morning, and in the evenings, we watched the moon rise and grow to its full form. The Atlantic is still warm and the sun is still strong, even into fall–my skin is a few shades darker and there’s still sand in my hair. We walk along the beach, kayak in the bay, and swim. The pace is slow, leisurely. We do what we want.

Thanks to Chris and Elizabeth for their generosity, to my Ma for taking care of herself, to Alex and Emily for joining the party.




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