Black Current Wine

Marian and I made up a batch of black current wine with the berries I collected from their farm and the neighboring camp. The brew won’t be ready for a year or so, but I got to sample an earlier batch.

6 lb black currents
6 lb sugar
9 liters water
Yeast and nutrient

1. Wash and de-stalk black currents. In a fermenting bin (large food-grade plastic bucket), mash up the currents with a wooden spoon.
2. Boil the water and pour over the mashed currents. Cover and let stand for 4 days, stirring occasionally.
3. Strain. Add to the liquid the sugar and yeast and nutrient (1 tbs sugar, 1 tbs wine yeast, and 2 tsp nutrient in approx 1 cup water). Mix.
4. Transfer mixture to demijohn bottles (4.5 liter capacity, will fill two) and fit airlock. Store between 15-25degC.
5. When fermenting has ceased (bubbling has stopped and airlock is quiet), rack into clean demijohns (siphon–make sure not to aerate the wine) and place in cooler environment, leaving for another few months.
6. Rack again as necessary (indicated by sediment on bottom).
7. Transfer to wine bottles. Drink after one yeast; may improve with age.


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