AZT Resources

Arizona Trail Association: this website has so much helpful information including maps, town guides, water reports, shuttles, and events. If you are planning on hiking some of all of the Arizona Trail, this is your first stop.

Guthook’s Guide for the AZT, new in fall 2015.

Fred Gaudet’s Water Report with current and historical water sources.

AZT Town Guide by Nathan Ventura (updated Feb 2016) has  maps, resupply options, post offices, lodging, and more for the trail towns along the Arizona Trail.

UltraPedestrian (Ras and Kathy) completed the first yo-yo of the AZT in fall and early winter 2015. They hiked the whole trail twice (Mexico to Utah to Mexico) in 93 days. So badass!

Long Distance Hiker (Beardoh and Sweet Pea) thru-hiked the AZT in spring 2015. Their trail journal has daily entries and a great section on resupply strategies.

Sheriff Woody thru-hiked the AZT in spring 2015. His blog has daily entries and lots of beautiful photos of plants and wildlife.

Twix and Salsa thru-hiked the AZT together in spring 2015.

Buck-30 thru-hiked in fall 2009. There is lots of new information available to AZT hikers now and his journal sure makes me appreciate it.

GottaWalk thru-hiked the AZT in late spring 2008.



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