Hwy 60 (Superior) to Pigeon Spring, mile 302.2-368.2

Re-hydrated and fed, we hitched back to the trail from Superior and set off. I got dizzy and hot and we decided just a few miles in to wait out the last heat of the day in the shade of a tree. Got in another hour or two of hiking in the blessed coolness of dusk and moonlight before making camp outside of the Superstition Wilderness.

Day 15

307.0-331.3 (24.3)

Spider wakes me up from cowboy camping with fart stink from his unzipped sleeping bag. We pack up camp and start walking up Reavis Canyon. It’s hot and sunny again but lots of little pools of clear water. Climbed to almost 5500 ft then followed a busy ATV road along the ridge and down the other side of the mountain. Another 1000 ft climb to Reavis Pass then flat along Reavis Creek and past Reavis Ranch. Who’s Reavis? We see only an old stone foundation and lots of overnighters with camp chairs and camp fires. We hike on and find a sweet spot near Walnut Spring to camp.

Day 16

331.3-349.7 (18.4)

Cold morning, hiking by 6:30 to try to get miles in before the heat slows us down. Trail is rocky and filled with scree, making the steep descent and immediate ascent more challenging. Eventually settled in for a 3000 ft descent to Roosevelt Lake. We walked across the hot pavement to the visitor’s center to see where our package might be and find out it’s at the post office some ways down the road in Roosevelt town. We hitch a ride with the Gila County sheriff, get our package, pack it away, and hitch back to linger outside the visitor’s center in the shade by the water fountain until the sun is less powerful and we are ready to hike again. Back into the hills then out over the bridge by the dam and finally up to the mountains again, for good, for days.

Day 17

349.7-368.2 (18.5)

Late start, eating full breakfasts to lighten our food pack weight. Got hot very quickly for our long, sometimes steep climb to Four Peaks Wilderness. Lost a little time when we continued on a forest road when we were supposed to follow a ridge, but we did see a Gila monster so it wasn’t for nothing. Lovely creek bath and laundry downstream at Buckhorn Creek, lounged in the sun for almost an hour. Pretty views of Roosevelt Lake tucked away in the mountains below up, Four Peaks towering above us. A few short sections of trail were overgrown, scratched us up and slowed us down. The trail followed the contours of the mountain, with steep drops. Camp tonight is near the trailhead where there are ATVs, music, gunshots, and campfires. Wish we could hike away but instead we are tucked away in the woods near Pigeon Spring.


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