PCT Day 3: Julian

April 24

Mile 59.8-88.6 (28.8)

We sleep until 5:30am and are on the trail around 6. The sun is already on us and we warm up quickly. It’s about 17 miles to Julian, mostly downhill, and we figure we can get there around noon. There are quite a few hikers on the trail and it looks like everyone’s heading into Julian. I wonder how bad the hitching will be if we are all at the road together.

The descent to Scissors Crossing is long and a little boring but pretty. There are cactus flowers and other wildflowers along the trail and brown mountains in the distance.

We get to the road and stick out our thumbs. A car going the opposite direction spins around and Section Hiker Bill says he’ll take us to Julian. First stop is Mom’s Pies where we get a delicious piece of pie and a scoop of ice cream on the house. We are in heaven. Next we head to Carmen’s where all the hikers are hanging out in the back. We eat more food, linger for an hour. Around 3 we hit the road and hitch back to the trail.

It’s hot and despite the town stop I haven’t eaten enough and start to get shakey. I step over a baby rattlesnake who doesn’t rattle until I am past and barely think to tell Spider behind me. We decide to sit for a while in the shade of a big rock while I eat some food and come back to life. 

A few more hours of hiking. Wind picks up, sky gets darker. We find a semi-sheltered campsite and set up the tent against the threat of rain.


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