PCT Day 4: Warner Springs

April 25

Mile 88.6-115.0 (26.4)

Wicked wind last night kept us up, almost shook the tent down. Still cold and windy in the morning when we started hiking.

It stayed cold all day. Winding through the mountains, we were in and out of the wind and had trouble getting comfortable. Dark clouds hung over the mountains and threatened rain.

We hiked a few miles to the water cache, thoughtfully stocked by some generous soul, and grabbed a liter to get us to Warner Springs. I don’t drink much water when it’s cold and gloomy.

Went the 18 miles to Warner Springs without a break. Spider gave me a caffeine snack and I listened to podcasts. Spider himself was motivated by the thought of a long break in town. The trail meandered down from the mountains and across stretches of flat grassland. Saw Eagle Rock a few miles from town. 

Warner Springs Community Center was filled to the brim with hikers. The kind folks who worked there directed me to the bucket showers and set me up with soap for laundry while Spider picked up our resupply at the post office. It was a cold outdoor shower but I was glad to get clean and scrub that sticky feeling off my skin. I continued washing our clothes while Spider showered and soon they were drying on the line and we were packing up our resupply and scoring goodies from the hiker box while our devices charged.

Lots of hikers pitched their tents behind the community center but we decided to move on. There might have been 40-50 hikers there and that is too much for me. We hiked 5 miles or so to a flat spot by Aqua Caliente Creek just as it started to rain.


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