PCT Day 5: Mike’s place

April 26

Mile 115.0-140.2 (25.2)

We sleep in a little, and it’s light outside when we start moving. Spider’s gut issues are still plaguing him so he spends half the morning digging catholes. I hike on, thinking he’ll catch up like usual, but he doesn’t and I end up waiting an hour for him at the junction to Mike’s place. It is a great relief when I see his shape rounding the mountainside.

We hang out with Michelle and Jeffery, Zucchini, and Smiles and eat burgers and hot dogs and drink soda for an hour at Mike’s place, then fill up on water and head out. I let Spider set our pace, and happily he’s feeling better. It is a nice afternoon, not too sunny and not too hot.

We get to a confusing water source, one that was listed as dry in the water report but the guys at Mike’s place were adamant that it was running. There is a cache there, and signs saying the spring is dry. We don’t investigate, just grab two liters and go. 

A few miles later are some flat sandy spots with lots of people camping there. We find a little place to cowboy camp and go eat our dinners with a friendly group of guys, Texas and Fruit Cup and two Aussies whose name I forget immediately. Zucchini arrives a little while later and joins us, and just after dark John and Brenna set up camp too. Narrow canyon full of hikers tonight, dreaming of burgers at Paradise Valley Cafe tomorrow. 


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