PCT Day 7: zero in Idyllwild

We didn’t intend to zero today. Spider got up super early and nudged me out of bed. We packed up and patted our wet tent down with paper towels in the campground bathroom. Geared up for the rain and cold, we walked to the Red Kettle to get breakfast before hiking out.

It was just so miserable outside. The coldest rain. Spider and I considered lingering in town all morning, waiting it out, but the weather forecast looked nasty in the afternoon, too. Walking around town resupplying, buying lunch, going to the library… Eventually it was past noon and still cold and we went back to the campground to set up our tent again in a break in the weather. It’s been a week and we’ve hiked 180 miles so a zero is not so bad, we reasoned.

The break in the weather continued. In fact, it didn’t rain again all day. We even saw some blue sky in the late afternoon. The campground filled up with hikers who had decided to stay and hikers filtering into town.

We did laundry, ate lots of food, normal zero day things. Spider weighed himself and found that he’d lost 10 lbs since we started. That gave renewed focus to our day: eat, eat, eat. Plus we took some more time to figure out an alternate to the upcoming Lake fire closure.


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