PCT Day 10: Big Bear and Onyx Summit

May 1

Mile 252.1-282.2 (30.1)

Things got rolling at Papa Smurf’s a little after 6am. Their two small dogs raced around the living room as hikers woke up. We filtered through the kitchen where Papa Smurf was cooking French toast and sausages then packed up our gear. Spider and I said goodbye and walked to the main road to hitch into town. We resupplied and then hitched to Onyx summit, the north end of the fire closure.

Started hiking at 10am, totally relieved to be back on the trail. I shifted into high gear and hiked to the front of the pack past guys who we’d met at Papa Smurf’s, eager to be hiking alone (with Spider), in the woods, only thing to do is walk north, no more choices to make. It was a nice day, the trail gentle as always. There were a few sprinkles but nothing that bothered us. Early on I startled an owl and it flew to a tree near the trail where we took a good look at it. They are such quiet creatures! 

In the evening we were treated to beautiful views of Big Bear Lake and the mountains beyond. We hiked until dusk and camped on top of a little hill.


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