PCT Day 13: Wrightwood

May 4

Mile 345.0-369.3 (24.3)

Barking Spider here again. I’m taking over the blog this week.

It was warm and sweet when we woke up so we lingered at our camp spot, packing up slowly. We said hi to all the hikers who walked past us: Dave, Recon, Nick and then Brenna. We passed them in reverse order when we finally got moving.

The day was sunny, clear, and hot. After about a mile we got to a climb that would last for the next 14 miles. We charged up it. The further up we climbed, the stronger the wind became. We could cool off a little. At the top the wind was fierce and tough to walk through.

Our much needed water source was Guffy Spring, about .2 miles down a steep downhill. It reminded me of getting water on the A.T. We took a break on Mount Guffy and could clearly see Wrightwood just down the hill from us. I wondered which buildings down below had tasty food in them.

We still had five miles to go to get to Hwy 2, and they were hilly, wind-beaten miles.

Highway 2 seemed desolate, so after ten minutes we started to walk down the road towards town. Immediately we got picked up by a woman coming back from a day hike up Baden-Powell mountain with her two dogs.

In Wrightwood, we picked up our resupply package at Mountain Hardware. The hiker-friendly store holds packages and has a list of trail angels willing to host hikers overnight. We called Sue. We got an friendly answer, and her husband Mike showed up five minutes later to take us to their home.

Mike and Sue and their grandson Riley made us feel most welcome. We had a cozy trailer to sleep in, took warm showers, and washed out stinky clothes. Sue made us an amazing dinner of enchiladas and salad, with brownies and ice cream for desert. We were blown away by their kindness. It was a really good stay.


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