PCT Day 14: Mt Baden-Powell

May 5

Mile 369.3-389.3 (20.0)

Barking Spider here again. I’m taking over the blog this week.

Sue took us to the trail first thing in the morning. She and her sweet grandson, Riley, gave us hugs goodbye and then we were back at it, clean and refreshed.

Well, sort of. Our burst of 115 miles in 4 days finally caught up with us. We both felt sluggish and tired. Right away we set our sights on a more realistic goal for the day. In just 20 miles we could get to a campsite before a long road walk around an endangered species trail closure. It would be our hike for the day.

But first we had some mountains to climb over, with the biggest being the first with Mt. Baden-Powell (9,406 ft). It was a long and steep 4 mile climb to the summit. Once there, we could see a sea of clouds below us on the south side of the mountains.

As the day went on, we dipped down in the clouds and were hit with a fierce damp wind. The trees collected condensation and wet drops fell on us as we passed under.

We took lunch at Little Jimmy Spring and were joined by hikers Gourmet, Claire, Compass, Mike, and Steve. They were good company. I tried to give Claire the trail name Thin Man when she accidentally said she was a thin man. Don’t know if it will stick.

The final five miles should have been easy, but the weather continued to deteriorate. It started to rain for real on the way down Mt Williamson, and we set up our tent soaking wet.


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