PCT Day 15: Rain and Cold in Angeles National Forest 

May 6

Mile 389.2-418.6 (29.4)

Barking Spider here again. I’m taking over the blog this week.

Another tough one to trudge through. It would rain on and off all day.

It wasn’t raining when we got up and put on our wet socks and shoes and rain jackets. It wasn’t anything but mist and cloud that kept our gear damp and cold.

And it wasn’t so bad when we were all packed up and moving. Right away we had four road miles to walk due to trail closure for endangered frogs. In fact, it was good and convenient to be walking by parking lot pit toilets all morning because I am dealing with a gut issue.

Past the road walk, the trail continued adjacent to the road while going up and down hills. It continued to be wet, cold, and foggy. The rain even turned to snow for a little while. I’m sure there were views but we couldn’t see anything. We were walking through a cloud.

We hiked through a mean downpour that soaked us both through, but after that had a few minutes of sun and warmth when we got to dry everything out.

Despite all the precipitation, we were looking out for our next water source. When we got to Fountainhead Spring, we found the small puddle underwhelming. It was 4pm so we decided to go another seven miles to a fire station with water, restrooms and camping.

It was socked in and misting again when we got there so we set up our tent right away and called it a day.


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