PCT Day 21: Tehachapi

May 12

Mile 537.8-558.5 (20.7)

It was supposed to be another hot one so we pried outselves out of bed and started hiking early. It was windy and cool and the trail and gentle. We stopped for breakfast and water at Tylerhouse Canyon. Hikers popped up everywhere, there must have been a small city sleeping there last night. Glad we were elsewhere.

The climb out of the canyon was mild but the day was starting to get hot. At the top was a recent burn area where wildflowers have taken over. Purple and white and red and yellow blooms along the ridge. More turbines. There was an unexpected water cache with a bag of apples for hikers, that was nice.

We kept moving, descending finally to Willow Springs Rd. Three other hikers were there hitching, but they left soon in a friend’s car. I thumbed for a while with no luck so we called a trail angel in Tehachapi for a ride, hoping to get out of the oppressive heat quickly. An hour later, Lauren picked us up and in twenty minutes we had a motel room with the AC on full blast. Showers and laundry. Got sandwiches at the German bakery across the street and then had a big sushi feast.


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