PCT Day 22: Hot, dry, and windy

May 13

Mile 558.5-584.5 (26.0)

When our normal 5:30am alarm went off, Spider pressed snooze once, then twice, then finally turned it off. We slept in until a little after 7am.

We lingered for a while, an unhurried morning. Eventually Spider got us coffee and bagels from the bakery and we set about calling trail angels for a ride back to the trail. We were hiking by 10am.

It was hot again but blessedly windy. We walked over gentle hills through this endless wind farm.

About 7 miles in, we dropped and began a short road walk that took us to a highway overpass. We found another bag of apples for hikers and continued on happily on a coarse dirt road parallel to the busy interstate with our tasty snacks.

It was a relief to start climbing away from the traffic and heat. We climbed steadily for miles. Lunch under a shady tree, then more climbing. At the top there were some beautiful campsites, but we wanted to keep going. 

It was a few hours later that we got to Golden Oak Spring, our first water source of the day. It was buggy and the spring was full of loud frogs, so we tanked up and hiked another mile in the last light of day to a weird sandy wash that barely has enough space for us to cowboy camp. Home sweet home.


One thought on “PCT Day 22: Hot, dry, and windy

  1. Just checked the map, you’re only a couple of hundred miles west of Flagstaff — so the weather’s pretty much the same, right?

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