PCT Day 24: The Long Water Carry

May 15

Mile 612.0-638.4 (26.4)

The wind thundered all night. In the morning, we ignored our alarm and slept in until 6:30am. I felt bone tired.

We hiked downhill for a few miles until the Kelso Rd water cache. We topped off our water, filling one liter. Our carrying capacity is 12 liters, and yesterday at Landers Meadow we filled everything. We didn’t want to rely on the water caches, though we thought it likely they were stocked. While we were there, I cleaned the site up, gathering hikers’ trash that had been scattered by the fierce wind, stringing up empty bottle so they didn’t blow away, corralling empties without handles. When we left it looked a lot better. 

The wind was still blowing hard. We would be climbing gently all day. The first climb wore me out, though. I had to stop a couple of times, to dig catholes or to drink water or just sit. I don’t normally take breaks like that, I just felt so off. My stomach was cramping and I felt nauseous.

We continued on, the trail like a sand box. Difficult to get traction. Seemed to take twice as much effort to get anywhere. Lizards and horny toads were everywhere, darting across the trail and under desert scrub. The trail stayed in the dusty mountains on the cusp of a sprawling valley. Occasionally gusts of wind would pick up sand and scour my legs.

We got to Bird Spring water cache at some late hour, grabbed another liter of water, and took some time to eat snacks and get dinner soaking. We had one more climb ahead then another 4 miles to a campsite.

We got there at 7:30pm, set up our little camp, and worked on dinner. I couldn’t finish mine, no appetite really. I just felt tired.


4 thoughts on “PCT Day 24: The Long Water Carry

  1. Hey Jim & Claudia,

    Remember me. I’ve enjoyed your travels. A nice diversion from every day life here in Green Valley, Arizona.
    Good luck and be safe.

    Steve “Out-back Man” Chaffee

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