PCT Day 25: Lake Isabella

May 16

Mile 638.4-652.1 (13.7)

I slept poorly and felt like shit in the morning. I knew we had 14 miles to Lake Isabella, where we needed to resupply because Spider was nearly out of food. I could make it there.

As the morning went on, I imagined what it would be like if we stayed in town overnight: how much would it cost, how would it affect our schedule, how we could get back to the trail, etc. I figured we could use the rest before big mountain country. I thought we could afford it. I thought we had plenty of time to get to Kennedy Meadows.


The trail felt gentle in the morning and I thought I was feeling OK, only had to dig a few catholes. We began a long descent that would carry us to Walker Pass. Our water situation was good. Spider was hungry. It got hot, but there were occasional clouds and a breeze.

We got to the road at midday and hitched a ride to Lake Isabella within half an hour. An RV hauling a boat passed us, then turned around and came back to pick us up. Spider sat up front and chatted while I dozed at the kitchen table.

We went first to the grocery store to get lunch and a resupply. We ate our roast chicken and salad in the little dining area and came up with our plan: stay tonight in town, zero tomorrow for full rest, and take the bus to the trail the next day. There was a hiker friendly motel nearby and we got a room.

It was a good thing. My illness continued in its many forms and I was grateful to have access to a bathroom, air conditioning, and a bed. Spider was glad for a chance to narrow his calorie deficit. I guess we lucked out.


2 thoughts on “PCT Day 25: Lake Isabella

  1. Glad you took a zero day and had a chance to havr a bit of ease…a bed, running water and ac can make a huge difference! : )

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