PCT Day 33: Wiped out

May 24

Mile 766.3-774.1 (8.2)

Barking Spider here again. I’m taking over the blog this week.

We both knew we would sleep in after that huge climb yesterday. We needed some extra recovery time, though we hadn’t guessed how much. It was past ten when we finally started hiking. 

There was a big climb up Forester Pass coming up that rose to over 13,000 feet. Our original plan l was to get to the other side of that and camp near the road to Independence so we could get to town early the next morning. The effects of our Mt. Whitney summit as well as days spent at altitudes over 10,000 feet had taken their toll. We didn’t have much drive left in us and the thought of scaling another snowy pass right away was too much. We decided to just hike eight miles to the base of the pass and call it a day.

We had gone four miles by one and took a break at Wallace Creek. We ate some and then took long naps in the sun. I was laying on top of large rocks swarming with ants but I didn’t care. We stayed like that for hours.

We eventually moved on and climbed up Bighorn Plateau. The view at the top was amazing. Huge snow-covered mountains stood to every side of us, with an especially impressive range to our west.

And that was it. We set up our tent. We got snowed on. We went to sleep.


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