PCT Day 43: Agnew Meadows

June 3

Mile 893.6-915.0 (21.4)

I slept beautifully, spread out in our little tent. When I woke up, I had a relaxed morning eating dried fruit and reading The Worst Hard Time. Nothing like a story of immense hardship to make your day seem a little brighter!

The day started with the familiar patchwork of snow. The trail wrapped around a mountain and deposited me at Duck Lake, still frosty in the morning chill. I put on my micro spikes and made my way downhill. Across the lake outlet, the trail became dirt again and I made good time. 

Pretty much all downhill from there. Dropped 2500 feet over the course of the morning. The snow had clearly been melting during the past few hot days. There were still areas of snow but soon I was far enough down that I was sweating in the heat and walking through burn zones. I stopped at an unlisted spring and drank water that tasted like flat seltzer.

I passed the junction to Red’s Meadow but kept to the PCT since the resort is still closed. Hard to believe, but roads are still closed for winter and won’t open until June 18. So I kept hiking to Agnew Meadows, where I would be able to walk just a few miles on the closed road before hitching to Mammoth tomorrow.

The afternoon was hot but still pleasant. I felt happy to be seeing Spider tomorrow. Two equestrians passed me and wished Spider luck with his foot. The dude also told me to be safe out here. I am safer out here than in any city! I think to myself, angry on the inside but outwardly polite. Single ladies get told to be careful and be safe constantly. We are not delicate flowers! We can weather hurricanes!

At some point, with lots of daylight left and only a few miles until Angew Meadows, I stopped by a little creek for half an hour. It was a good place to do a lot of thinking. Got to get ready for tomorrow, for whatever tomorrow might bring.

I camped at Agnew Meadows, just by the road. I’m ready to bust out these last miles tomorrow morning and see my sweetheart.


5 thoughts on “PCT Day 43: Agnew Meadows

  1. Women are strong in many different ways . Rushing water from melting snow is strong also as you know very well by all of the different creek and river crossings you have successfully managed. You have been very fortunate not to have gone in the drink. You have learned many lessons on the walk and i am very pleased to be reading about your journey and that you are walking out your dreams on the PCT.

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