PCT Day 44: Mammoth Lakes

+3 miles

Woke early, before my alarm, excited to get to town and see Spider. Packed up and started hiking down the road.

Uphill on a deserted paved road for three miles in the morning chill. Giant pine trees and melting snow and little birds. Two logging trucks passed me near the road closure and stank up the place. 

I came upon the road barrier and soon after a car pulled over and a window rolled down. The man asked me a bit about the trail ahead and we talked for a minute and he offered to drive me the mile down the road to the ski lodge. From there it was an easy hitch to town. In fact, I got dropped off right in front of the hostel.

I waited at the hostel for half an hour as Spider made his way north hitching. Then he was here!

All day we talked about his foot and our plans. We made delicious food and went to Mammoth Brewery. Tomorrow marks six months of marriage.

Here’s our new plan, according to Barking Spider: “So my hike is over due to either a stress fracture or Morton’s neuroma. I will find out exactly what and how bad when I go back to New England, but it’s clear from the pain that I need a long break from walking. Homestretch will carry the torch alone and continue her long time dream of hiking the PCT. I am going east to get my car, my things, and to tie up loose ends. After that I will be driving across the country to Oregon where I will settle in and get work. I’ll be able to see Homestretch as she passes through and we’ll kickstart our long time plan to move west.”

Spider went to the clinic in Bishop but couldn’t get an MRI because of our insurance. He will be able to get a proper diagnosis and treatment when he gets back to Massachhusetts. It will be a tough couple of weeks until I get to see him again. Hiking is easy, but I miss him. It is hard to continue this trip without him.

So we’re making the most of this time together before I head back to the trail and he heads to the airport. 


4 thoughts on “PCT Day 44: Mammoth Lakes

  1. What an awesome hubby you have, encouraging you to pursue your dream, not holding you back. Maybe it’s all for the better if it accelerates your mutual long-term plan to move West? Go, girl. You can do it!

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