PCT Day 47: Not Into It

June 7

Mile 948.6-963.9 (15.3)

Slept in until 8am. Dragged everything out onto sunny rocks to dry, tried to eat. Only a sip of water left, though, so breakfast would wait.

Packed up and soon came upon a little stream of meltwater. Drank a liter and got lunch soaking. Hiked on.

Another warm and clear day. The trail was gentle and wet. In the morning I walked through cool forests and one spectacular meadow.  I made my way downhill, crossed the swift McCabe and Return Creeks, and ate lunch in the full sun with my feet soaking in the cold water.

After lunch I made my way back up to 9500 feet and walked along a flooded ridge. There was a lake up there, but whole swaths of land that should have been dry were instead covered in water. Two miles up there and then back downhill via a steep and snowy pseudo-trail.

I crossed Matterhorn Creek and a smattering of very healthy streams. The trail itself became a small stream at times, and small fish swam up it as I came splashing through.

By 5pm I had hiked only 13 miles. With the late start, full lunch break, and painstakingly slow pace  over slopes snowfields, I doubted I would break 20 miles. Didn’t feel too bothered. My heart wasn’t  really in it today.

I hiked up to Wilson Creek and found it deep and fast-moving. I cried Uncle. Pitched my tent and prayed it would be lower in the morning.


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