PCT Day 51: Dark Clouds

June 11

Mile 1022.1-1041.5 (19.4)

I slept in until 8am, and could have slept longer, but wanted to hike out of the snow before it got too soft. In a few miles, I was on dirt trail and very happy. I had first lunch at 11am on a rock in the sun.

Behind me, clouds were rolling in. First a sheet of gray, then dark puffy shapes. I kept hiking. I climbed uphill and on the ridge wound up back in snow. The snow in forested areas is especially frustrating, as you end up climbing steeply up and down a whole bunch. It takes a while to make miles in snow like that. I was trying to race the weather, but the snow made me feel like I was running underwater.

Down off the ridge, through near-constant snow, then over a tiny hill and suddenly it was 7pm and I was exhausted. I found a campsite among piles of snow and set up my tent. Ten minutes later, I was eating dinner when I heard a few raindrops. I fixed the vestibule and pulled my wet socks and shoes under. Immediately it began to hail, then rain. Later, it thundered.


One thought on “PCT Day 51: Dark Clouds

  1. Welcome to the Sierra. The Pacific Crest Trail Association posted your last blog on Facebook. As of this morning it had more than 250 likes! I get most of my blog traffic and comments from Facebook/twitter. Mine automatically loads to my Face Book page and Twitter feed. Sometimes I’ll cross post something relevant on one or more of the hiker pages. Dramatically increases the reach of my blog.

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