PCT Day 52: Snow-free, staying dry

June 12

Mile 1041.5-1062.3 (20.8)

There was sunshine pouring weakly through the pines when I woke up, but by the time I had climbed up to Noble Lake Pass it was gone. From the first miles of the day, I was planning for rain.

The descent off the pass was covered in snow and so icy I put on my microspikes. I walked a mile without problem then suddenly had stomach pain so intense I couldn’t hike, and instead had to crouch/lie down under a big pine and wait it out. Half an hour later, I was fine. What was that?

As the day went on, the trail got less and less snowy. It boosted my mood and my pace. The sun peaked out now and again and I dried out my sleeping bag, which has been accumulating moisture and kept me cold at night. I ate rehydrated meals all day, spooning out rice and beans or rehydrated fruit and chia seeds as I walked. I am out of bars. 

There were only a few sketchy snow traverses in the afternoon. Mostly, I cruised. But I noted the darkening clouds on the horizon, watched them move toward me. Dreams of a big day were replaced with dreams of staying dry. I set up camp early at 6pm. It started to rain just as I crawled into my tent. 2/2!


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