PCT Day 54: Echo Lake

June 14

Mile 1076.6-1095.5 (18.9)

This morning, I packed up and had two cups of coffee, then Mike drove me to Carsons Pass. I say P-Dog at the trailhead and talked with him for a minute. It was probably 9:30am when I started hiking.

I felt a little lonesome again, sort of standard these days, but also happy to be back out in the woods. The trail was lovely and muddy and I made good time. I got sick of my loneliness and listened to an audiobook in the afternoon as I navigated more old snow and wound up and down the mountainside. I was in decent spirits.

I picked up a ton of trash about half a mile from the Rt 50 crossing and gathered it up in my arms to pack it out. Unfortunately there was no trashcan at the trailhead, so I made a little pile by a day hiker’s car. I felt terrible leaving the trash there but couldn’t pack it all out.

Later I made it to Echo Lake Chalet. Unfortunately it was just after the store closed, so no more snacks for me! It’s ok, my food bag is absurd. Definitely had big eyes while resupplying yesterday. I walked up the trail a bit out of the wind and ate some chips and an avocado I packed out. Plus I ate a whole pound of almond butter today. I packed my trash into the plastic container and was going to run it back down to the store’s trash cans but some nice folks took it there for me, and even gave me some more chips!

I had talked with them a bit and, like many, they were surprised and worried that I was hiking alone. I relayed our story again and reassured them that I was fine, but the encounter left me sad again, and lonesome. Go away, loneliness! I want to enjoy myself!

I camped right at the Desolation Wilderness boundary. Pretty appropriate, I thought. It’s windy and beautiful out, the lake in the distance. I have many good foods to choose from for dinner. Tomorrow I will continue to hike through Northern California, willing the snow to melt, maybe even seeing another thru-hiker!


One thought on “PCT Day 54: Echo Lake

  1. I have a friend (AT ’13 – Karma) hiking behind you who is considering dropping out due to the snow and altitude kicking her ass. She’s the most intrepid hiker I know. That makes your achievements all the more worthwhile. I’m still astonished that some people don’t get that women can destroy these trails by themselves although I wish Spider could still be with you. Set the world on fire!

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