PCT Day 55: Desolation Wilderness

June 15

Mile 1095.5-1123.3 (27.8)

Gusts of wind rattled my tent all night. I woke at 5am and felt good anyway. Ate some breakfast and packed up, hiked out into the wind.

Climbed a bit, hit some snow, made my way over to Lake Aloha, melting and glimmering in the early sun. I heard dogs barking but thought it was my imagination until I came upon three tents. One dog ran out to greet me.

At the base of the climb to Dicks Pass, I drank some green tea and geared myself to get over the pass before the dark clouds, try to beat the weather. I motored up, undeterred by snow or streams, and though the wind was fierce I made it. Nearly got down the other side before I lost the sun completely. Soon after, it started to snow lightly. I was totally bundled up and feeling happy.

The trail meandered gently up and down, stayed mostly clear, and I was able for the first time in a while to zone out and just hike. Felt great. The miles slipped by. I happened upon two adult deer and two fauns grazing, saw a fat marmot scurry under a log. It kept snowing, just barely. No accumulation. 

I found a flat spot under pines around 6pm, made camp and forced down dinner. It is really cold. Feels like I am stuck in a early spring loop. I know warm weather is coming, but when?


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