PCT Day 57: Donner Pass

June 17

Mile 1145.0-1174.6 (29.6)

I got going early. The snow that I was warned about, north of Tinker Knob, was no big deal. I made miles quickly all morning over the ridge and down to Donner Pass.

Just across Hwy 40, I ran into three distractingly handsome Forest Service employees. Less than a mile later was a cheerful group of rock climbers who were “Doing Awesome!” The sun was out, big puffy clouds floated across the sky. I felt like I just stumbled into a Patagonia ad.

I took lunch at the I-80 rest stop so I could charge my phone while I ate. A man came over in disbelief when someone told him I had walked here from Mexico. He called his wife over. He asked about bears and wolves, about what my parents think of this.

I hit snow a few miles later and it stayed with me on and off until the end of the day. I’d hike up the mountain pass without problem, then be in snow all the way back down on the north side. Ate through some time that way. By the end of the day, with this opaque low cloud coming in hard and me on an exposed ridge, I was booking it. Stopped just shy of a 30 to insure a good dry campsite. The winds blowing and it’s supposed to rain tonight.


4 thoughts on “PCT Day 57: Donner Pass

  1. What a trippy picture on the ridge with the low cloud ceiling! I am curious what you said to the man who couldn’t believe you’ve hiked from Mexico. Like a war veteran “you wanna count my scars?”, but in your case more like, “you wanna count my calluses?”. Hike on and fare thee well!

  2. Yeah, really awesome shots here. Funny about the rest stop people! 🙂 those are neat moments, feel like a badass if you want to because you are. I’m enjoying reading further along. Wow you are going fast and got through the Sierra quickly… still mid-June at this point. I’m not surprised some people said you were the first northbound woman they saw. Has to be early.

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