PCT Day 60: Bring on the Heat

June 20

Mile 1221.0-1252.8 (31.8)

I slept like a log and didn’t wake up until 6:30. Got going soon after, happy to be hiking even if I was sleepy and slow.

I thought I might do a big day today, just for fun. I listened to an audiobook about disastrous polar exploration and happily skipped down the dirt trail. The day was hot and muggy, bugs all around, overgrown shrubs snagging my clothes and skin. I rejoiced at the heat wave.

The trail rolled around between mountains, trending downhill. I felt a few times today like I was back in the long green tunnel. I even saw trees other than pines! 

Water, it seemed, would be the next challenge. I paid careful attention to water sources and my own consumption. I had a nice break at Alder Spring and drank down a liter of sweet clear water. 

A long descent brought me to the Middle Fork of the Feather River, crossed by way of a sturdy bridge. It looked inviting but I wanted to press on. I started the ascent. It was steep in places but I had the energy for it and enjoyed the climb. But I was running low on daylight, and even though there is a full moon tonight, it would take a while for its light to reach down the canyon I was hiking up. I hunted for a place to camp and ended up pitching my tent frantically as a million mosquitos buzzed and bit me. The tent looks ridiculous and may collapse at any minute, and I can hear the bugs whining outside, but I hope to sleep well again tonight.


2 thoughts on “PCT Day 60: Bring on the Heat

  1. It seems such a rapid change, from sneaker-skiing on snow to the bugs of summer ! It is such a treat to read your posts – thank you!

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