PCT Day 65: Old Station/Flat hot trail

June 25

Mile 1347.8-1382.2 (34.4)

Started hiking in the cool of early morning, before the mosquitos came out. There was a short climb at the outset, and then flat for the rest of the day. It was remarkable how long the trail could stay so level. Good opportunity to get some miles in.

There were lots of small and medium sized streams early, then a series of lakes followed. Soon the trail broke into an open area still recovering from a forest fire. Circling Mt. Lassen, I continued on through a low and hot pine forest. Took a short break at Hat Creek to drink plenty of water, then continued on to Old Station, where I bought two ice cream sandwiches and a drink that would then be an extra water bottle. I met Iron Lady on my way out and chatted for a minute. She was eager to get snacks and I was eager to get miles.

I hiked to the Subway Cave trailhead and filled up on water for an 8 mile dry stretch. It was an extra mile on a side trail, but worth it. Water is about to get scarce. The next section is Hat Creek Rim, notoriously dry and shade less. The high tomorrow is in the mid-90s.

My plan was to camp 7 miles in, hiking in the relatively nice temperature of the evening. I made it by sunset. Tomorrow I’ll tank up at Lost Creek way off trail then truck through the 20 miles until my next water source. I hope to be through before it gets too hot.

First views of Mt. Shasta today.


5 thoughts on “PCT Day 65: Old Station/Flat hot trail

  1. I love reading you blog and look forward to it every day! Here comes Oregon!! I’m so stoked to hear about crater lake.

  2. This is is different. Great shots! Wow, 20 miles on one tank sounds like a solid distance. I wonder how much you tanked? Yeah mid 90s is hot hiking, hopefully low humidity at least. And the PCT midpoint a couple days back, ha. A little farther north in CA than I expected.

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