PCT Day 66: Hat Creek Rim/Burney

June 26

Mile 1382.2-1408.8 (26.6)

I was up a little before 5am, packing sleepily and fending off mosquitos. Lost Creek was a mile away and I scrambled down 400ft to fill up on water. When I started to hike, the sun was peeking out above the horizon.

It started to get hot quickly. I kept up a brisk pace. Knowing that I had 10 miles to cover before my next water source kept me motivated. Eventually, though, hiking along the flat rim got boring. I called my dad and then Pat. I listened to podcasts. I thought of all the fun things we would do in Bend.

The heat covered me like a thick blanket that I couldn’t shrug off. I felt sleepy and uncomfortable. Like I was back in school and dozing through class after an all-nighter.

I found the creek in the afternoon and immediately took off my shirt and soaked it in the cool water. I filled my water bottles and took a bird bath. Sat in the shade and ate snacks. Stared into the blank middle distance.

And then I kept hiking. Only a few miles more to Burney where I needed to resupply. It passed quickly and I got a hitch in 5 minutes. At the grocery store, I loaded my cart with trail food and then ate ice cream outside. I thought if I looked pathetic enough, someone might adopt me, let me take a shower and maybe do laundry, feed me. One man gave me his cell number for when I get to Oregon for a resupply. 

Walking down the street with a full pack, I wondered about staying the night in a motel. Too expensive. But a shower! I saw another hiker across the street. We waved, and she walked over. Her name was Walkie Talkie and she offered me the extra bed in her motel room.

Yes! A shower and more food and a cozy bed. A big indoor space without mosquitos. Electricity and wifi. These novelties are so wonderful for a few hours after a full day of hiking. I must say, though, that I missed staking out my little tent in the quiet woods tonight. I get to upload pictures and download podcasts here, but I don’t get to hear birds and bugs or feel the air cool as the sun goes down.


4 thoughts on “PCT Day 66: Hat Creek Rim/Burney

  1. Hi Claudia,
    Here is a kindred spirit in long distance hiking. Bethany Hughes will hike 20,000 miles in five years from South America through North America. She has done the PCT and has a web site.
    Stay well,
    Bill Gordon

  2. Sounds like you are doing a great job. If you’d like, and I have like a 2 day notice, I live in WA, less than an hour from Hood River, if you need anything…?

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