PCT Day 68: Bear Sighting

June 28

Mile 14321.1-1458.0 (25.9)

I slept in late, feeling sleepy and slow even as the sun heated up my tent. I thought the heat would motivate me but it had the opposite effect.

Only two miles down the trail I looked up to see a huge hairy brown butt running from me. A bear! It crashed through the woods until it felt safe. I talked to it as I walked pass, assuring it I was moving through and apologizing for the disturbance. I did not feel scared, I only felt wonder.

The trail was overgrown here and there all morning. This section, like many in the last few days, needs a haircut. 

I drank lots of water and stopped at most water sources to fill up. The springs and creeks are flowing well at this point in the season. I’m glad I don’t have to deal with a drought. It’s good enough reason to embrace all the snow.

At midday, there were half a dozen southbounders in ones and twos who passed me. Some thru hikers who flipped, some doing smaller sections. Then, back to solitude.

The afternoon was beautiful. The trail followed a ridge loosely, meandering back and forth and up and down. On one side was Mt. Shasta. Low green hills all around. And a breeze! A gentle wind takes the edge off a hot day like nothing else. Almost as good as a swimming hole.

I camped next to a dirt road that I’m hoping no one drives up at night. It’s still hot but will cool down as darkness sets. I just heard that Pat got to Oregon safely with our trailer full of stuff. Tonight I’m going to dream about cold rivers, piney trail, and town food.


One thought on “PCT Day 68: Bear Sighting

  1. …and the mountain’s getting bigger and BIGGER…
    Glad Pat’s in Oregon – we had a good time at breakfast with him!

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