PCT Day 70: Dunsmuir

June 30

Mile 1487.0-1498.9 (11.9 +3.6)

A steady breeze kept the bugs off me while I packed up. It was cool and shady, the trail riding an edge with views of Mt. Shasta and Castle Crags. Peaceful and beautiful.

I was totally zoned out when I walked past a switchback, as happens occasionally. I turned around, got back on trail, and headed gently uphill. The trail was pretty flat and I hiked along quickly and happily.

Then I reached a trail junction almost 2 miles later that looked really familiar. Huh? I checked my map. I was hiking southbound. Ah! At the switchback, I had turned completely around and continued for almost 2 miles, back along trail I had already hiked through.

So I turned around again, heading northbound again, and hiked along this section for the third time. Too much daydreaming. At least it wasn’t midday and scorching. It would only delay town by an hour or so, no big deal.

P-Dog caught up with me when I stopped to get water and we hiked the rest of the way to the road together. The time passed quickly and soon we emerged out of the woods and onto the pavement. His grandparents picked us up and I was deposited at the grocery store. I bought real food for the day and made my way to the motel.

Today is a nero. Early tomorrow morning, I will get on a train to Oregon. A bus will take me to Bend, where Pat will be waiting. I haven’t seen him in almost four weeks and am dizzy with anticipation.


3 thoughts on “PCT Day 70: Dunsmuir

  1. Aw, just missed you. I drove through Dunsmuir yesterday on my way to Ashland for a 2 week stay. Funny about going south again on the trail. A friend of mine was heading south out of Ashland once and after a stop off the freeway he drove back north again for an hour before realizing it.

    Enjoy your visit to Bend.

  2. Vey beautiful to follow, with so much sadness and people searching for a meaningful life now. There is hope here.

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