PCT Day 71-75: Five Zeros

July 1-5

I took the train from Dunsmuir to Chemult, OR, and then a bus to Bend. I loitered at the grocery store until Pat fixed the flat tire on the trailer and drove the last hour and a half of his cross country trip. We were happily reunited, nearly four weeks after he got off the trail.

Our long weekend together was totally luxurious. We cooked up lots of tasty food, swam in lakes, got a little sunburned, biked around, explored downtown Bend. We dreamed and schemes and maybe soon we will have a real place of our own, a little farm here in the Pacific Northwest. When we can see each other every day. I miss him so much on the trail. 

Time slipped between our fingers and soon Pat was starting his job and I had to rearrange my resupply boxes. I bought my ticket back to Dunsmuir. Late on Tuesday night, it was back to the trail for me.


5 thoughts on “PCT Day 71-75: Five Zeros

  1. Sounds perfect, I do miss the PCT. Maybe next year I will go north to south. The best to you. “Mile, mile and a half”

  2. I found your blog via the PCT on FB and have now read all your PCT posts. Thanks for sharing your adventure, I’m really enjoying it.
    Sorry if I missed it, was there a finL diagnosis for Pat’s foot when he got back east?

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